Learn How To Use Office Mix in Thinkific Lectures

taught by Treb Gatte, Microsoft MVP
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Steve Gillis

Simple and easy to follow instructions.

Steve Gillis

Simple and easy to follow instructions.

Treb Gatte, Microsoft MVP
Treb Gatte, Microsoft MVP
Managing Partner

About the Instructor

Treb Gatte is the Managing Partner at TumbleRoad.com, a Microsoft Power BI Red Carpet Partner, where he helps companies achieve project management and business intelligence success.

He’s a Microsoft MVP who’s written three books on Project and SharePoint. Treb previously worked as the Business Intelligence Program Manager on the Microsoft Project engineering team.

Looking for an easy way to convert your PowerPoint-based content to Thinkific?

Office Mix makes this easy to do.

I'll show you how easy it is to:

  • Upload your PowerPoint deck to Office Mix
  • Update the settings so that you can use your Office Mix in Thinkific
  • Embed your Office Mix into a Thinkific lecture

What do you need to take this course?

  • A Windows PC (Sorry Mac users)
  • PowerPoint 2013 SP1 or later (Office 365 PowerPoint works as well)
  • Administrator rights to install software on your PC

What this course is not

The purpose of this course is to show Thinkific instructors how to integrate Office Mix content into your Thinkific lectures. This course does not yet teach you the basics of using Office Mix.

Course Contents

5 Texts
1.0 hr